Elevate Your Brand Ecosystem with Brand Essentials

A 6-Week Symbiosis of Brand Strategy, Visual Direction, & Sustainability Consulting

Does your image match your impact?

You’re here today because you want to see the power of environmental stewardship unfold in this generation

– ours –

and you want to be a chief changemaker in the advancement of the cause.

From the beginning, you’ve built your business on a bedrock of purpose.

A visionary by nature, your curiosity continuously catalyzes your ambition. 

The status quo? It’s nothing but a benchmark, a starting point from which to make your lasting impact.

Filled to the brim with innovative ideas, you never find yourself asking how you will bring them to life, only, when.


Until recently, brands caring about people, planet, profit, and purpose were considered niche-specific. Now, as we begin to experience the increasingly negative effects of climate change, we’re starting to witness the rise of a collective conscious consumerism. 

Did you know? 

Today, 6 out of 10 consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce the negative impact on our planet?

So, where’s the problem? Clearly, plenty of people are ready to make the change.

Why the disconnect?

Brands of integrity and intention – the truly important brands confronting systemic socio-economic issues like…

– aren’t being seen as the dynamic dual-function and purpose-driven businesses they truly are.

As a result, they’re blending into the forest. And their cause? A compost bin casualty.

You see, consumers want to connect with your brand; they want to feel something, something beyond just a product or service.

But, in order to be seen, you have to elevate your visual strategy to match your mission.

Hey, changemaker, I’m Suzie!

Regenerative Thinker | Conscious Brand Strategist | Sustainability Consultant

As an environmental enthusiast, I’ve spent years advocating for climate justice, eliciting community engagement from the Texas-Mexico Border all the way to Chengdu, China. 

I began practicing multi-disciplinary design at El Paso’s Office of Resilience and Sustainability and then co-founded a design studio to serve sustainable e-commerce businesses and regenerative brands. 

As a Conscious Brand Strategist, I’ve built a comprehensive understanding of the art and science of environmentalism. Through my diverse background, I’ve cultivated a strong understanding of cost and impact especially when it comes to the purchasing power of branding. And through an environmental lens, I always work holistically to challenge the power of aesthetic impact, building brands whose image matches their impact. 

Become the go to choice for conscious consumers.

The Brand Essentials


Here, we’ll dive deep into your brand ecosystem through the lens of people, planet, profit and purpose. With a values-driven approach to strategy we’ll embed sustainability into your foundation, taking root across every touchpoint with purposeful design decisions. Together we’ll:

…so your impact is not only seen but also felt at every touchpoint.

Investment $3500

Are you ready to lead the charge?

Empower the planet with your brand expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

IF I already have a brand does this apply to me?

Totally! If you’re looking to uplevel your sustainability strategy and visual direction – and have a positive impact on the planet – then yes, this package is for you.

After completing the brand strategy, do you offer design?

I take on design clients on a case-by-case basis. After completing The Brand Essentials, we’ll decide if I’m the right designer for you. I partner with a host of amazing designers who can help bring your vision to life – but first, we have to start with strategy. 

Are there other ways can we work together?

Yes! I offer 90-minute sessions to workshop solutions for one-off projects, workshopping specifics like sustainable design, product packaging and visual recommendations. If you’re interested in a private consultation, please schedule your session here. 

How far in advance should I inquire?

To preserve the nature of our relationship, I only work with a small number of clients each month. Inquire early, because we typically book 2 months in advance!

Let’s build a sustainable symbiosis between your business and the planet.