brand strategist + Designer


conscious brands who give a damn about people. planet. purpose.

Elevate your brand ecosystem

A 6-week symbiosis of brand strategy, visual direction and sustainability consulting to unearth your unique purpose and core values, develop a clear vision for what your brand was brought into this world to do and visually communicate it to the world. 

“Suzzanne Gamboa is a breath of fresh air - a Conscious Brand Strategist who truly lives her values and says it like it is. She presents all sides of the story before making her own recommendations. Her working style can best be described as scientific yet highly intuitive: she has the gift of pairing beautiful design with functionality, creating sustainable business solutions for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. I’ve been working with Suzie for several years, and never hesitate recommending her to clients and colleagues alike.”

Yasamin Salavatian, Brand Storyteller & Copywriter